“ One of the last surviving champions of the

grandiose style … dazzling playing … electrifing technique.” - St. Louis Globe Democrat

“ I just like to play the way I feel.” - Shura Cherkassky

“ I don’t know why they like me now.

Probably because all the other are dead!” - Shura Cherkassky

“ This is Romanticism undiluted.” - The New York Times

“ This boy is a genius.” - Sergei Rachmaninov

“ Shura Cherkassky: The Last Romantic.” - The Orlando Sentinel

“ As Always, Shura Cherkassky Plays With Power, Passion and Style.”

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“ 82-year-old Shura Cherkassky is still a musical phenomenon.”

- Albert H. Cohen, Press Correspondent

 “ I don’t know how I do it.” - Shura Cherkassky

" ... Extraordinary knight of the keyboard."  - Boston Daily Globe

“ A National Treasure ” - The New Yorker

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